Supporting mobile game requirements and architecture

Market Development and Export Resources for European Mobile Game Developers

Market Development and Export Resources for European Mobile Game Developers

Technical innovation, the involvement of global Internet, electronics, hardware/software and retail companies in development of consumer friendly mobile devices and ecosystems, as well as the broad penetration of high-speed mobile internet and mobile social networking/messaging platforms has transformed smartphones and tablets into major gaming platforms in Europe and worldwide.

In pace with the fast growing popularity and enormous business opportunities in mobile games, a wide range of commercial and non-profit resources across the globe have emerged to support mobile game developers in many aspects of their technical and business development, as well as market analysis, promotion and export.

These include:

1. Major global software publishers with mobile game development products and support

The main mobile OS platform holders, as well as many game development software companies and mobile device manufactures provide mobile game developer support services and communities online. Some of the best known are:

There are many other popular multiplatform and OS specific game engines and libraries with support and communities online, including Edgelib (multiplatform middleware game engine), Emo (mobile game framework), JMonkey Engine (open source Java OpenGL engine), ShiVa3D (multiplatform game engine and development toolkit), Corona SDK (iOS and Android app development platform), Cocos2D for Android and iOS (game framework) and iTorque (iOS game editor).

2. National/regional telecoms and global game publishers

All of the major European telecoms, as well as many other leading international operators, and most global game publishers are on the forefront of mobile game integration into their operations.

Leading European telecoms active as platforms for and/or investors in mobile apps and gaming (with recent examples) include:

Leading European game publishers with extensive mobile game catalogues:

Major NA and Asian mobile game publishers with activities in Europe include:

Leading mobile gaming companies that also provide player rankings, social gaming and/or mobile messaging services include:

3. Popular mobile game development resource libraries and collaboration sites

4. Leading mobile game marketing and app sales ranking sites

Mobile app and game promotion services:

App and mobile game statistics and ranking sites:

5. Major mobile game and app marketplaces

6. Leading mobile games industry and consumer news websites

Industry news websites:

Consumer news websites: